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About Me

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and certified Health Coach. For over a decade I have been passionate about the psychology of resilience and truly enjoy supporting and empowering others on their journey to mental wellness.

As a cancer survivor I devoted my professional and personal life to finding what makes us humans resilient enough to overcome adversity such as chronic illness, stress and trauma. Subsequently I studied traditional and alternative healing approaches, including mindfulness practices, biofeedback, strength-focused interventions, as well as nature-based and animal-assisted therapy.

My two undergraduate degrees in Medical Laboratory Science and Health Care Management were completed at a university in Germany, where I grew up. After relocating to the US, I earned my masters degree in Mental Health Counseling from the City University of New York. Currently, I am a PhD candidate, working towards my doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision.

Adults who suffer from chronic illness or stress may benefit from my holistic and strength-based approach. I consider it most important for psychotherapy to offer you opportunities to heal and thrive, so you can achieve the goals that are important in your life. Let's find what works for you to develop stress management skills, increase your resilience, and resolve depression and anxiety.


The services offered at Stable Ground Counseling are designed to provide my clients with individualized and optimized support. Working primarily with adults who suffer from chronic illness or stress, it is my highest priority to design opportunities for building resilience, holistic wellness, and post-traumatic growth.







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Your Script4Health

If you want to gain a foundational and transformational understanding of integrative health, this approach is for you. Using the Script4Health, all the different areas of mind-body wellness don’t have to feel disjointed. They all influence one another and we can integrate them with some simple basic concepts grounded in science.

I use the Script4Health as a framework to help my clients gain more energy, resilience, physical fitness, and mental well-being following their cancer treatment.

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The model is a synthesis of knowledge based on overall trends and findings from the fields of integrative neuroscience, evolutionary biology, functional medicine, and positive psychology. The framework is designed to focus on these fields' commonalities and simplify guidelines for healthy living, thereby making them more accessible to everyone. The Script4Health represents a baseline to achieve integrative health. This approach is simple enough to remember and implement in your life, while also being comprehensive and accurate to make a powerful impact on your overall health.

Many health issues are interconnected and we often don't account for the role our lifestyle and mindset play in the increase and decrease of symptoms. The Script4Health provides a succinct guide to incorporating all areas of life into a holistic health framework, leading to a comprehensive approach to wellness. This paradigm is, therefore, a useful tool for systemic disorders such as anxiety/depression, obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other chronic illnesses.

My practice has moved fully online in consideration of everyone's health and safety during the pandemic. This modality has proven to be just as effective and a lot more practical than office visits for my clients. Telehealth appointments can be scheduled with greater flexibility and comfort.

Currently, I accept many Aetna and UnitedHealthcare insurance plans for NY and CT clients. I also provide Out-of-Network billing for most insurances.

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Phone: (646) 504 5467


Molecular formula with flowers.  Mental health.